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My Hero Academia Chapter 360 Review

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Shigiraki just seems way too OP he's holding back all these great heroes without his decay quirk. Plus his body just continues to adapt. It's like he has no weaknesses.

Watching Lemillion fight, really emphasizes just how powerful he would be if he was given One for all. It's impossible to hit him. The only reason Overhaul was able to beat him was because he was protecting Eri.

With One For All's pure power and speed, combined with the danger sense quirk and Lemillion's own permeation quirk. I'm not sure any of the villains would stand a chance. There is a sort of logic to passing One for All to powerful quirk holders temporarily to add their quirk to the mix and then passing it back to Deku. I really wish we would get an explanation on why the heroes haven't tried that.

I am a bit surprised that the heroes didn't consider using Shinso's brainwash quirk in the fights against All for One and Shigiraki. In fact the argument could be made that the heroes should have had Monoma copy Shinsos quirk instead of erasure head's quirk so they could have the brain wash quirk in two places. Both All for One and Shigiraki love to talk. By using their quirk, theoretically they could have already ended both of these battles.

Last but not least I love Jeanist observing Bakugo going full Deku at the end, muttering to himself to create a plan to stop Shigiraki. Next chapter should be fun!


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