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The Kingkiller Chronicle: What are Some of Your Favorite Theories about The Name of The Wind And The Wise Man's Fear?

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My favorite theory about Kvothe is that he has somehow affected the past and he is actually Taborlin the Great. Kvothe has been gifted many of the same items as Taborlin. It feels like there is something here, maybe not time travel but definitely a connection.

Something to do with names and the power of names. Maybe Kvothe has somehow changed his true name. Which is why he seems to be shell of himself. By renaming himself Kote and then telling the story about Taborlin the great doing all the things that he's done, has somehow transferred his old powers to this supposed historical figure.

Kvothe is Edema Ruh which are known as great storytellers. What if, in the central narrative timeline(where Kvothe is telling his life story to Chronicler) he is actually lying about those characters knowing about Taborlin the great. What if he began spreading tales of Taborlin the great only after Kvothe accomplished all these great deeds. 

There is a big emphasis on Naming in the series. By simply changing a person's name, you can change their identity and how other people in the world view them. What if Kvothe's true name is hidden away in that box in his bedroom. 🤯

I can't wait for book 3 The Doors of Stone. I know there is going to be some huge surprises!

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