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Xbox Video Game Grounded is Being Adapted to An Animated Series

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I think Grounded becoming an animated series is really interesting news because it makes me wonder if Microsoft as a whole has decided to copy Sony and adopt a companywide strategy to move successful video game franchises over to TV and films.

It makes me wonder if there has been some type of internal change at Microsoft. Around September of 2021, Phil Spencer indicated that although they had Halo, Gears of war and Minecraft adaptions in the works they would be extremely cautious about adapting their franchises to TV and film. And he indicated that they look at adaptions more as exposure and marketing opportunities.

All three of those franchises are huge and have been extremely successful but Grounded is more of a stealth franchise. Its had sizable success but its been under the radar. The game doesn't get a lot of press and hasn't been around long enough to have huge name recognition. 

So I'll be interested in seeing if we get some more announcements about future adaptions in the coming months.

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