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What Separates the Kingkiller Chronicle from Game of Thrones?

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How does a song of ice and fire and kingkiller chronicles differ? For me A song of ice and fire's world building is massive. George has so much more content to his series right now. George adds so many details that for most authors are completely insignificant like so many paragraphs describing food in detail.

Also, George has a ton of characters, most of them come from noble houses, great and small and those houses have long detailed histories with many members that don't even show up in the mainline series. And George tells his stories using multiple viewpoint characters. 

Patrick on the other hand tells the story from just Kvothe's viewpoint but he is telling a story mostly about past events, even though there are a few things that are happening the present.  Since Kvothe is the only one telling the story, it opens up the possibility of an unreliable narrator. Everything that we see and experience is from his perspective.

What makes it even more interesting is that Kvothe comes from an ethnic group that is known across the world as excellent storytellers, and gifted in the arts. So there is even more reason to have doubts about how events unfolded. These ideas of unreliable storytelling and untrustworthy narrators run through out the entire series.

Piece by piece we are given information from certain characters in Kvothe's story about the history of the world, like little breadcrumbs leading to a greater truth but some of the clues conflict. Kvothe makes some characters seem unreliable and others  completely trustworthy with good intentions. Its incredibly fun trying to put the grand mystery together without all the pieces fitting neatly. The Kingkiller Chronicles really gives me a sense of mystery. The tone is creepy and sad and mysterious. 

I love both of these series just in different ways. I think its really sad that neither author really comments all that much on the other's work.

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