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My Hero Academia Chapter 357 Review & Discussion

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Well! That was interesting!

Endeavor is showing out big time. I would have loved to see Endeavor cleanly get the best of All For One. Just grab him tight and just unleash all the heat his body can withstand, causing All For One to just disintegrate into nothingness.

Unfortunately, it seems like All For One is playing one last trap card and it's got something to do with Eri's quirk and those special bullets made by Overhaul. Some people have speculated that All For One is gonna somehow rewind himself. I don't see that happening. Instead, I fully expect some kind of area effect blast that perhaps neutralizes the quirk factor  in anyone caught up in the blast zone.

The art in this chapter is absolutely amazing. Also I love how All For One is talking like he's already given up on this body. But as a reader, I'm looking at Endeavor and I'm thinking he's obviously on his last leg as well. Surely Hawks doesn't have better insight into what All For One is planning then Endeavor. 

Whatever happens next, I know the upcoming chapter is going to be huge!


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