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My Hero Academia Chapter 356 Review & Discussion

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I love seeing an angry, desperate Endeavor. Also I can tell that the mangaka Kohei Horikoshi really is going "all in" on All for One's 'rebellion' problem. Whenever he draws the panel showing rebellion, the art looks amazing, and sort of sad and desperate all at once. I think this is going to be a major problem for All for One going forward.

At this point its obvious that All for One will not be defeated by Deku or any one hero, it's going to be a collection of people that come together to defeat him. I'm still very curious to see how they deal with All For One's obvious duality at this point. Assuming he is defeated at great cost by Endeavor, Hawks, Jiro and Tsukyomi. He will probably instantly attempt taking over Shigaraki. Will Deku try to save Shigiraki? I think so. But it could really cost him. How can Deku be sure that by saving Shigiraki he is not also keeping All for One alive as well? It seems almost obvious to me that this version of All for One, is not long for this world.

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