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The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 11 Review & Discussion

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Wow this episode moves fast. There are a few moments of character building but for the most part we are moving from scene to scene it really feels like we were burning through the small moments to get to this dimensional wave encounter.

Last episode we had Raphtalia becoming the katana vassal hero, but there were no huge repercussions revealed. Perhaps something will be revealed in this upcoming battle.

They have really been trying to emphasize how Kyo is this two faced monster, which honestly makes me feel like he will be this misunderstood genius by the end of all this.

Another thing of note is that Naofumi's armor is now imbued with materials from his world and this new world so there may be some type of crossover development of powers and skills. I wonder if his wrath shield will be augmented somehow and if he'll have better control over it.


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