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Redfall Gameplay Trailer Review And Reaction

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We finally get to see some Redfall gameplay! I have to admit that its not exactly what I was expecting. The tone is surprisingly kinda sorta mature and dark. It has an odd sort of humor too it.

To be completely honest I'm not quite sure what to make of it but I have a feeling that Redfall could end up quite popular. Right now next gen consoles are quite starved for new content, especially Xbox. With its co-op multiplayer focus its a game that has the potential to keep players occupied for quite some time. Plus when you add in the fact that its going to be immediately accessible to over 25 million people on gamepass its hard to imagine it failing.

My biggest concern is that I'm not entirely sure who the target audience is. It feels a bit too dark for young kids and I could see its art style and comedic voiceovers turning off older gamers that may prefer a more serious horror experience. I'm very interested to see how this performs.


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