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Starfield: Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer Review and Reaction

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I am extremely excited about this game. The first time I saw this gameplay reveal trailer I watched it on my phone with no sound(due to my environment) and I just thought the reveal was solid. It showed off some interesting features but  I have since watched it several times now, slowing it down on certain parts to really take my time with it and absorb everything. And I must confess that I am now more excited then ever to play this game.

I've seen some people complaining about the combat. But I still feel like what we saw is just the tip of the iceberg. Right now its hard for me to imagine that their won't be some kind of time dilation feature. I know a lot of people loved the VATS system in Fallout 4. I'm thinking the really cool combat stuff is being saved so people can discover it for the first time in-game.

This is a sci-fi space game with a 1000 planets. So to me the game is just primed for some type of alien abduction, sentient AI pairing or contamination/evolution due to being in close proximity to the artifacts that Constellation(one of the factions) is searching for. What I'm trying to say is, there is likely something that makes the player special. Something that makes us different then everyone else. In Elder Scrolls Skyrim it was being dragonborne and access to shouts. In Fallout 4 it was the VATS system. I am fully convinced that there is a major game mechanic related to combat that we aren't aware of yet. 

This game has been germinating for 20 years with Todd Howard and likely some key devs, that have been at Bethesda forever. They will have plenty of surprises for us.

So far the story seems pretty basic but highly appropriate for the game. The game is obviously about exploration and discovery. Its story focus is much more Star Trek than Star Wars. For fans of big open worlds this is a very good thing. As a member of Constellation we will be trying to track down artifacts which I imagine are scattered throughout the known universe. An easy story to follow for most people. It's not a revenge story or save xyz important person story but a story about discovery. 

My major question about the story though is how impactful will our decisions be? How much will they influence the game. In Fallout 4 we were just playing in a small region. In Skyrim we are playing on a continent. But in Starfield we will be playing in a universe. I can imagine some of our decisions affecting a planet or even a galaxy. I'm talking about Death Star level vibes. Or possible extinction level threats like "The Reapers" in Mass Effect. A ton of cool stuff to consider here when operating in a universe. I think people are seriously underestimating how much of a passion project this is for Bethesda. I'm expecting some good stuff.

I'm not expecting Game of thrones level plotting from the story but I'm expecting that Bethesda delivers or at least swings for some next gen level impact when players make story based decisions. Again, so far its a simple story of discovery but we know there's much more. I enjoyed the twist at the end of Fallout 4 when you find out more about the institute, what it is, who runs it and its true purpose. I suspect Bethesda has some more good twists coming.

Outpost Development
I think dieheard Bethesda fans all expected an expansion of the settlement system and this gameplay reveal trailer showed exactly that. It looks like they've put a lot of thought into it. It definitely feels like a step up from Fallout 4. I know there are going to be a lot of barren planets so I wonder just how far we can go in developing an outpost. Can an outpost become a town or perhaps a city? Right now I doubt it. That would be too much to expect for them to include at launch. But I'm hoping its a possibility later. 

Another question that comes up in my mind is can we build more than one outpost on a planet? What happens if we build an outpost on a hostile planet? Will it constantly be under threat of attack. Can it get wiped off the map without us even knowing that it was being attacked? There are a lot of things to consider. But right now what I enjoyed the most was that Bethesda wanted us to know that it was in there but did not reveal much at all. So I'm really expecting some cool stuff.

When I played Fallout 4, I  found myself enjoying the settlement development much more than the actual story and if I'm being honest, more than the exploration aspect.

Crafting System
Players are going to have a field day with the crafting system. It looks like we will be able to conduct research projects in 5 different areas: Pharmacology, Food & Drink, Outpost Development, Equipment and Weapons. From there we gather resources to build stuff. I don't know if we'll be crafting actual items or will just be building mods. Perhaps a bit of both!

One thing I'm very curious about as it relates to crafting is if we'll be able to craft ammo or if we'll have to buy it. I'm imagining that there will be a bit of resource scarcity and that our primary method of gathering raw materials outside of the basics will be mining it ourselves,  either by hand or having a crew member oversee its collection.

We can build our own spaceships, pilot them ourselves and engage in space fights! This is gonna be great! I know a lot of fans had this question so its good to get this answered and for it to be seemingly made a priority. When they started changing the colors in this demo , I was like that's really cool. And I'm going to be honest, this is going to open the doors for microtransactions if Bethesda wants to go that route. At the least I can see small DLC(downloadable content) packages being offered giving players access to some insanely cool decals, artwork and paint jobs to create their spaceship masterpieces.

Character Creation System
I was extremely happy to see the in depth character creation system. It felt like a proper RPG. Giving me PC RPG vibes. Not only do we get to choose our background like diplomat, explorer, bounty hunter etc but they have some rather uncommon backgrounds in there as well like Bouncer, Ronin and Professor.

We also get to choose some optional traits. Now at first I was thinking, na I'm good I don't want to choose any traits if I'm going to receive weaknesses that come along with that but after looking them over, the weaknesses don't really seem that bad. Plus traits can give your character a little more color.

Last but not least, I love that some NPCs will recognize your chosen background so I'll be very interested to see how my background and traits affect gameplay.

I'm more hyped for this game than ever. I think this was a great reveal. It doesn't blow your socks off with visual fidelity, animations or incredible action sequences. But this is obviously a very deep game with heavy RPG elements. I guarantee you, that this game will rack it up in the hours played department. Its unfortunate that it was delayed but its easy to understand why. With such a big game, Bethesda wants to make sure they get it right! I can't wait to play it!

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