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Prey Trailer (2022) Discussion

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From my understanding this is a prequel to predator.

I get the idea that they were going for here but I'm just not sure about its execution. Some of the scenes in the trailer look to be done really well. Like the bear chasing after her and then abruptly getting pulled back or the predator jumping out of the tree down at her.

But overall it feels like there is an element missing. Inevitably I always compare any new predator movie to the very first one with Arnold Schwarzenegger. I feel like if you are going to allow any of these new characters to survive they need to at the very least be as tough as him in that movie. And I'm just not getting that, "I'll survive no matter the odds" from any character in this movie so far.

Plus that Predator seemed to have a code where it only hunted people that were armed these new ones just sort of hunt, which is disappointing. But I'll reserve judgement. Any new predator movie gets my attention.


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