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Obi-Wan Kenobi Season 1 Episode 3 Review And Discussion

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Episode 3 is where things went completely off the rails for me. And its so frustrating because there are some cool moments, mixed with nostalgia but the plotting in this series has gone from "okay", to "shockingly horrific".

Darth Vader shows up on the planet, Obi Wan and Leia go into hiding, they have a way off the planet but Obi wan decides to stay??? Because???

So Leia and Tala are using a secret tunnel to get to the ship but Tala inexplicably leaves Leia to somehow save a weakened Obi wan from DARTH VADER?

And of course instead of killing him right away Darth Vader decides to play with his food first. Nevermind the fact that Obi Wan is running away and Darth Vader is speed walking but by means unknown to all mankind Dark Vader manages to catch up to Obi Wan not once but twice! LOL. By jumping out of the shadows. This was ridiculous.

But getting back to Tala she leaves Leia and tells her to keep following the tunnel to get to the ship and Tala heads back the way they came but somehow avoids running into the Inqusitor Reva??? How is this possible? But wait there's more! Somehow Reva gets ahead of Leia and kills the pilot that would have taken her home and is just standing their waiting for Leia. Did she force teleport ahead? The plotting on this episode was horrendously bad. It pains me to say that because Im a big fan that has seen all the movies, played the games, read some books etc. How could the plotting be this bad? I was so disappointed.


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