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Stranger Things Season 4 Part 1 Discussion

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That was one wild ride.

Stranger things went full blown horror this season. Visually, they really dialed things up to the next level.

I enjoyed the journey and camaraderie as always. I just wish that the gang was together. Everyone is separated!

Dustin and Steve are my favorite two characters. They have great chemistry together. 

Also this felt like a coming out party for the Joseph Quinn, the actor that plays Eddie munson. He's great. It definitely feels like he's gonna get a lot more roles in the near future.

The whole thing with Hopper feels like filler, while some parts are cool it feels totally separate from every thing else that's going on. It doesn't feel like it was needed at all. I found myself wanting to get back to the action with 11 or back to solving the mystery in Hawkins with the crew.

Mike, Will and Johnathon almost feel like an afterthought. They aren't doing anything remotely interesting besides simply trying to find Eleven. I will admit, it was cool ran they went to visit Suzie but that and that one action scene involving the agents were the only cool scenes they had. I feel like it would have been much better if they were part of the investigation in Hawkins.

The twist at the end was pretty well executed. My original thought was that Eleven opened the upside down as a young kid, then something crawled out, killed everyone, she manages to seal it up and then the Dr. renames her Eleven as she was originally named One and restarts the program. But to have one of the staff actually be One and he get turned into Vecna, that was a very nice twist.


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