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The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 8 Discussion

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So Naofumi and the crew is back to his merchant ways. I love the auction and the scheme by Naofumi to run up the price. Also the idea that the worlds are similar but still different works well. Its pretty cool to see that the items from each world have different effects based on the world that Cardinal heroes ae brought in to. It makes me wonder if we will meet Filo's equivalent in this new world. And what type of mysteries they could reveal.

The end of this ep is pretty sad. I don't like how Raphtalia gets left behind, hopefully we get more of an explanation behind that. Also it was a bit corny that Kyo's over the top evil voiceover just echoes across the room. This dude is first class cheese all the way.

This 2nd season would have been received much better if Episode 7 was the start of season 2. I feel like the first 5 episodes of this season really had fans scratching their heads and from there this season has gradually started to feel much more like the shield hero anime that we've come to expect.

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