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Netflix is Jumping Into Live Streaming

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I think this is a natural progression for Netflix and probably long overdue. After seeing the success of Youtube influencers it just makes too much sense.

The Influencer Effect and Live Streaming
People seem to really enjoy interacting live with their favorite personalities. This could be a huge boon to comedians and if Netflix is creative it could definitely open up some additional revenue streams.

I really think Netflix should consider allowing established content creators on their platforms. They have so many subscribers already big content creators could really help Netflix provide fresh content.

Netflix vs Youtube?
All of this makes me wonder if Netflix would ever consider challenging Youtube's business model directly. I think it's a lot easier for Netflix to challenge Youtube's business model than for Youtube to challenge Netflix. The executives had to have at least considered this option at some point.

With their stock on a rollercoaster ride lately I imagine that Netflix is putting all options on the table to increase revenue.


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