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The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 5 Discussion

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L'Arc and Glass are back!

I don't like how L'Arc and his crew seem to always know way more than Naofumi and his crew. Also how in the world does L'Arc and his crew get to travel to Naofumi's world all the time? Why hasn't Naofumi ever traveled to L'Arc's world and caused havoc? There is a lot of stuff that isn't quite adding up. L'Arc also referred to his weapon as a vassal weapon, which is interesting. As a cardinal hero is Naofumi's weapon superior?

Since the spirit tortoise is regenerating why wouldn't the army continue to attack it while its vulnerable and unable to defend itself.

They were really investing a lot of time into Ost Hourai and by the end we learn why. Had they destroyed her in the beginning they could have stopped the spirit tortoise. But of course that would have taken away all of the fun. I think what will end up happening is that by coming to the inner depths the crew will find a way to seal the power of spirit tortoise in Ost and she end up joining the shield hero and the rest of the crew on their journeys.

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