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Prediction: Bucks vs Celtics


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I'm taking the Celtics in 6. I think it might actually go seven. But I like the Celtics profile. They all seemed to be locked in on defense. Jayson Tatum is play like a superstar and when I watch them play they pass the eyeball test in terms of looking like a championship caliber team.

Now on the other end, the Bucks are without Kris Middleton and so I feel a lot more comfortable making this pick. Boston doesn't have anyone that can stop Giannis but traditionally Middleton has been the closer for this team and in the playoffs you have to be able to close out games. I just don't see the Bucks having enough to close out the Celtics. That being said I love Jrue Holiday, I love what Lopez brings and of course Giannis is gonna have some monster games. So they can still get it done. But my pick is the Boston Celtics for now.

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