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The Mavs Finally Get Out of The First Round By Beating the Utah Jazz in Game 6


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As much as I enjoy the Mavs, I have to admit that Utah can only blame themselves for this one. The Jazz didn't execute down the stretch. Mike Conley travels and then Bojan Bogdanović  misses the three. Bogdanović had a great look wide open. Spencer Dinwiddie definitely disrupted his rhythm but after the shot fake Dinwiddie goes into the stands. Bogdanović has to hit that shot. Mavericks were definitely the better team with the biggest star but as a team, the Mavs are breathing a sigh of relief. Its not like they shut Utah down. Jason Kidd, Luka Doncic and the rest of the squad still have a lot to prove. They need to prove that they can convincingly close out a series like a championship team. But they're in luck, as they have to face the best team in the NBA next round.

This Phoenix series gives the Mavs the perfect chance to come together  as a team and finally make their mark. The national media just doesn't respect them yet. I hope they rise to the challenge.

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