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Dallas Mavericks vs Utah Jazz Game 6 Predictions


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Considering the latest news I have to go with the Dallas Mavericks knocking out the Jazz on the road in Utah. Based on recent news the stars just seemed to be aligned in Mavericks in favor.

  • Donovan Mitchell's MRI came back negative meaning they didn't see a tear or any type of serious injury but he definitely was gimpy at the end of game 5 that can't make you feel great as a Utah fan to see your star player limp off the floor at the end of the game.
  • Rudy Gobert stung by a bee on an off day. The left side of his face is swollen(he posted on social media to show everyone). Now I admit this does sound like some really minor news but as a fan of a team I think its not ideal to have your defensive anchor and perennial defensive player of the year candidate to be encumbered in any way when playing in the playoffs. Let alone an elimination game.
  • The rampant speculation about Quinn Snyder. Now I know its just been talk but as they say, where there's smoke, there's fire. This team just hasn't looked sharp in the playoffs this year. I'm not saying its Snyder's fault but it does seem like there is an awful lot of smoke hovering around the Jazz organization this year. Also as an organization, it doesn't look good when your current coach is constantly involved in rumors about a potential move to LA after the season.
  • And last but not least they are playing a Mavericks team that has something to prove. Jalen Brunson is playing for a new contract, he wants to prove that he is worthy of a 20 million plus contract. And Luka knows he needs to finally get out of the first round. Trae Young got to the Eastern Conference finals last year. This year Trae led the league in total points and total assists. Also this year, there is no Lebron, no Kawhi, no Kevin Durant, the road to the NBA finals is wide open and you can make a legitimate argument that the Mavs can beat any team in the west in a 7 game series. The time is now to make his mark. He knows this and I expect him to play accordingly.

So all of these factors combined, just make it feel right to me. Mavs are just playing for more, the Jazz seemed to be in a state of flux. Anything short of a championship this year and I think the Jazz are blowing it up. And nobody is predicting a Jazz championship this year. But they are playing at home so they definitely have a chance to win tonight. It's going to be fun!

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