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Miami Heat Beat Atlanta Hawks in Game 5 to Complete Their Gentleman's Sweep


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Jimmy Butler and Kyle Lowry didn't play and the Miami Heat still took Trey Young out of the game and manage to beat the Hawks.  While watching this game an Atlanta Hawks fans could only think one thing...this offseason...we need to find De'Andre Hunter some help! He had a really strong game. Albeit in a losing effort but he kept fighting. I don't think anyone expected the Hawks to get out of the first round this year. But I think its fair to say that a lot of people would have thought the Hawks would find a way to beat a Miami Heat team that was without two of its veteran leaders. Its clear that the Hawks need another playmaker for team. Trey Young was out their playing but he was incredibly inefficient over too many games. It makes me wonder if he wasn't nursing some type of energy. As a fan I think we would have preferred to see him to go out like Kevin Durant. If you go out, you go out shooting. Forget your field goal percentage, your team needs you to do what you've done all year. Shoot the ball and make plays for everyone else. He had 6 assists but he also had 7 turnovers.

On the Other hand the Miami Heat are just so deep. Tyler Herro, Bam Adebayo, Victor Oladipo just those three alone can get you to the 2nd round of the playoffs but when you throw in Butler and Lowry you have a chance to do something special if everyone stays healthy. After this series I think everyone expects Miami to get to the eastern conference finals if they stay healthy.

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