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Elon Musk is Buying Twitter For $44 Billion

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So first Elon buys some twitter shares and becomes the largest outside shareholder, then it's reported that he's gonna join the board and then it's announced that he won't be joining the board, then Elon makes a $43 billion bid, it fails and the board then adopts a poison pill plan to help prevent a hostile takeover and finally Elon buys Twitter for $44 billion😄. What a wild rollercoaster ride this has been for Elon in the month of April.

I predict twitter users will soon:

  • Have the ability to post long form content, meaning that character limit will likely be going away.
  • Have some type of human verification process to go through, I don't know if this will be reCAPTCHA on every post or some kind of photo requirement to authenticate that a real human is posting.
  • Have some pretty big algorithm changes.
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