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The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 2 Discussion

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Okay so we got some semi big news! Apparently in addition to the four cardinal heroes we have the seven Star heroes that use vassal weapons that are different than the four cardinal heroes. My big question now is what are the vassal weapons? Based on the name I wonder if they are subservient or have some kind of fealty to the cardinal heroes. My guess is that whenever they do show it things will get pretty interesting. 

This whole Spirit Tortoise thing is pretty uninteresting so far. Although I do admit that I think Ost Horai is a prime candidate to be next in line to join Naofumi's crew. She meets all of the criteria so far. Mysterious background, unique powers, none human and seems to respect Naofumi much more than regular humans. I think this Spirit Tortoise plotline is just a plot device to gather all the characters in one place. I think the big plot this season will likely surround the conspiracy to revive the spirit tortoise. Who did that and why?

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