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Moon Knight: Season 1 Episode 3 Discussion

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I found episode 3 of Moon Knight to be a bit disappointing. Marc continues to keep secrets from his wife and Steven continues to be a bit useless. Yes, Steven is smart and knows some Egyptian culture but he often times just gets in the way. He's being attacked by dangerous men and he's trying to stop Marc? I just don't get his logic. He comes across as extremely weak and unrealistic. I also didn't understand Marc's hesitation to use the suit when things started to go bad. He should be completely unstoppable in that suit when going up against normal humans. Yet somehow he gets bogged down in this episode. I didn't care for that. I also didn't care for the council meeting with the other gods via their avatars. Marc did not present a good case at all. I don't know if the script originally had some more dialogue prepared for that scene and it had to be cut but Marc did not present a compelling case. That scene could have been so much more but ended up being lackluster because it was just missing so much. The entire time I was just sitting there thinking, tell them the whole story from beginning to end!

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