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Brooklyn Nets Vs Boston Celtics in Round 1, Who are You Taking?


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I think Brooklyn has a real shot at knocking out the Boston Celtics. Shannon makes some great points about the Boston Celtics. They have a terrific defense, two young scorers who have playoff experience and a coach that comes from the Greg Popovich coaching tree in Ime Udoka. But the Nets have two future hall of famers that are in their prime and have won championships. Kyrie and Durant by the numbers are easily the best perimeter duo ever. They are elite in every facet of offense. Boston has a great team that has performed well against the rest of the NBA but the Nets are not the rest of the NBA. I see nobody on the Celtics that are capable of shutting down Durant or Kyrie. Likewise I don't see anyone on the Nets that can shut down Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown. But offensively they are just not on the level of Kyrie and Durant. I just feel like those guys are gonna figure it out. I honestly feel bad for Boston. Getting the number 1 seed should get you a easier matchup than the Nets in the first round.

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