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The Batman (2022): What Type of Plot Would You Like To See In The Next Movie?

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After watching The Batman (2022) movie, its post credits scene and its deleted Joker scene. I have come to the conclusion that I would love to see the Joker play a Hannibal Lector style role with Robert Pattinson's Batman. Director Matt Reeves should continue his idea on emphasizing how Batman is the greatest detective in the world. Batman should gather evidence, interview witnesses, analyze the crime scene and put together all the clues, piece by piece, to catch the villain. In an effort to understand the depraved criminal mind, Batman enlists the help of the Joker. Think of their interactions, similar to the FBI's behavioral science unit in Netflix's Mindhunter. Batman would conduct a series of interviews with the Joker, to develop profiles of super criminals, in the hopes that he can avoid another one emerging that causes catastrophic damage to the city like the Riddler.

If they were to give the Joker the same sort of fear inducing brilliance and charisma that Anthony Hopkins exudes in Red Dragon or Silence of the Lambs, the sequel would be something incredible. When another super criminal finally does emerge, Batman would share intel with the Joker to try to catch them. Of course this is where things get fun, as the Joker will try to leverage Batman along the way for favors and ultimately try to find some way to escape Arkham Asylum. I'd love to see Matt Reeves take a swing at it from this angle. 

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