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Should Kentucky's Oscar Tshiebwe Go To The NBA or Stay In College?


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I agree with the analysis in this video. If he is guaranteed to be a first round pick I think he goes. My major problem though is what does he gain by staying?

Assuming of course he does want to go to the NBA eventually, losing 1 year as a pro could cost him big money down the line. As a young athlete its important for you to go pro as soon as possible. To maximize your earning potential.

I just can't imagine what else he could do to improve his draft stock.  I don't believe Kentucky winning an NCAA title next year would help his draft stock at all, as he will be 23 before he gets into the NBA. The only thing that I think could move NBA scouts to rank him hire would be him adding outside shooting. But this dude is a beast on the inside. He has a 7 foot 4 wingspan, a high motor and is extremely competitive.

Tshiebwe is the kind of player that NBA teams pass on then when they succeed, the entire sports media wonders how anyone could have passed on him. 

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