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James Bond Franchise: What Are Amazon's Future Plans For The James Bond Franchise?

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  • It was just reported that 25 bond movies will be made available on Amazon Prime starting on april 15th.
  • I think this is great news for James Bond fans.
  • I actually find it a little disappointing that it took this long because Amazon bought the rights to James Bond a while ago.
  • I'll be very interested to see how Amazon handles the franchise from here.
  • For example will they give it a bigger budget?
  • Will they try to create a James bond universe with multiple agents?
  • Will they consider creating a James Bond/MI6 series that runs parallel to the blockbuster movies?
  • They could of course just continue making big budget international movies.
  • But considering that its Amazon and all the different things they have going on, I imagine that they'll likely use the IP in a variety of different ways.
  • Things like AAA video games, more movies, tv shows, game shows, comic books etc. A lot of things come to mind.


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