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Moon Knight: Season 1 Episode 1 Discussion

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  • The director of Moon Knight Mohamed Diab did a fantastic job with episode 1
  • I personally feel that whenever you mess with time/reality its hit or miss. You never quite know if it's going to work or bomb.
  • The way the show switches between reality and time is extremely effective and it happens in an instant.
  • As a viewer I felt exactly how I imagine Oscar Isaac's character would feel in the moment completely disoriented.
  • Sometimes the time lapse is mere moments and other times it's days and Oscar has to catch up each time it happens.
  • The whole horror vibe is awesome because its really not too much horror, it leans much closer to suspense and it worked well by keeping me engaged and I was constantly anticipating what was gonna happen next.
  • The whole mystery of Moon Knight and Ethan Hawke's character Arthur Harrow is very interesting. Nothing much has really been explained as of yet.
  • And last but not least, Moon Knight looks awesome. He looks both mystical and physically imposing at the same time.
  • He looks like he can just beat you with his bare hands or do some type of weird magic attack that would knock you out.
  • Moon Knight is one marvel character I know absolutely nothing about, so I'm learning as the show goes on.
  • Moon Knight episode 1 gets an A+ from me.
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