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One Piece Chapter 1044: Warrior of Liberation

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  • The Gum Gum fruit is actually the Zoan-type human-human fruit mythical type, model Nika!
  • Zoan fruits have wills of their own? It makes me wonder if there won't be some type of inner dialogue going on later.
  • By awakening, this fruit brings Luffy greater physical strength and freedom.
  • Also did Luffy's Haki go up another level? Some of Kaido's minions were knocked out and wondered aloud if it was supreme king Haki. I feel like the weak ones would have already been knocked out if that were the case.
  • It seems like Luffy grabbed the ground and gave it the properties of rubber, he may have been able to reflect Kaido's blast using this power.
  • It seems highly likely that Luffy will be able to gift the properties of rubber to anything he touches.
  • It makes me wonder if Luffy will be able to cross the sea without a ship, similar Aokiji.


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