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Raised By Wolves Season 2 Episode 8 Discussion

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My Quick Thoughts

  • Mother is finally getting a taste of her own medicine, being shut down and taken out of action by another android.
  • Grandmother losing her veil is significant, I think as she gets emotions her plans for the humans will change
  • At some point Father has to catch on to Grandmother it will be fascinating to see how he responds.
  • Grandmother has to have other capabilities, some type of combat abilities should be available
  • Its passed time for Father to get an upgrade, hopefully somewhere along the way Grandmother gives him some sort of improvements.
  • Marcus can fly now? Was this what the entity wanted or has something else occured?
  • I'm tired of Paul and his secrets. I feel like he should have learned by now that keeping secrets from the rest of the group almost always leads to more trouble.
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