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Raised By Wolves Season 2 Episode 7 Discussion

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My Quick Thoughts

  • Assuming Mother proceeds with altering her programming, will this make her less supportive to the other children?
  • I feel like Grandmother isn't telling Mother the whole story
  • How does the serpent know to eat the tree? Is the serpent getting instructions from Sol?
  • Hopefully Campion finds a way to get Rue back online
  • The idea that the serpent is guided by jealousy over Campion and Mother's relationship feels a little shallow. Hopefully there is a lot more depth behind the serpent's actions.
  • Having the sea monster stealing a human baby and then nursing it themselves is extremely strange. We need to get a lot more explanation on that one.
  • If the sea monster can nurse human babies then perhaps it capable of some type of thought. The idea that humans and androids wouldn't try to communicate with it is a bit perplexing.
  • I still want to know what was so strong it was able to pull that human shelter into the season early on this season.
  • Even though we are starting to get a few answers, there is still a ton we don't know.
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