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Raised By Wolves Season 2 Episode 6 Discussion

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My quick thoughts

  • Paul and his fake parents running away together feels kind of hollow. The way they've written Paul in this show, it feels like he has no real relationships, even his relationship with Campion seems antagonistic.
  • Why was the serpent so upset? I'm guessing it knows that the tree is some kind of evil?
  • The tree seems like it has a heartbeat and is feeding off of the land.
  • Is Sue now a tree? It feels noteworthy that the writers didn't actually show us Sue's fate. I feel like its still possible that Sue is alive. At this point it should be highly unlikely but possible.
  • I found Tempest actions to be incredibly dangerous. She should have known she was putting herself in danger by going to the ocean.
  • The sea creature somehow burns tempest, but when it touches the baby its okay???
  • I actually thought the whole, let me open my chest and store the baby in here part, was kinda cool. I look forward to seeing where that goes.
  • Hunter needs to take an active role in things, he seems to be the smartest human around and he is pretty risk averse. 
  • I feel like all the humans and Father need to take a course in risk management, I've seen Marcus walking around eating random pieces of fruits that he finds, it just doesn't make much sense.
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