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Are Jaskier and Dijkstra Somehow Working Together Behind The Scenes?


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Dijkstra is a mage and adviser to the King of Redania he tells Philippa(a mage that can change into an owl) to bring him the bard. A lot of people think that this bard is actually Jaskier, Geralt's friend.

I doubt that they are truly working together but based on his comments I think its very possible that they've met already in some capacity. When you add in the fact that Jaskier was already made at Geralt from they way they separated in season 1, this theory doesn't seem like its outside the realm of possibility as it did on first glance.

Ultimately I can't imagine that Jaskier ever betrays Geralt. In fact I suspect that the showrunners might just make it seem like he's betraying Geralt based on the way they film the scenes(if it turns out they've been in contact)but instead he's just milking Dijkstra for information.

The plot that Dijkstra has posed the King of Redania is that they could use Ciri to gain rights to the kingdom of Cintra. But since Dijkstra is a mage, that knows the value of elder blood, I suspect we all think that Dijkstra has an even greater scheme up his sleeve.

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