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Whose Side is Istredd on?


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Istredd is a mage historian and the former lover of Yennefer. He tells Francesca that Ciri has Elden blood. What I can't figure out is, if Francesca has so much raw anger at the humans why would getting this information from Istredd cause her to spare his life.

My only guess would be she is planning to use him in some sort of plot to capture Ciri? But if she were to use him like a Trojan horse of some type how could she trust him to follow through once released?

With him realizing that Yennefer and Geralt were a thing in the past would he be willing to betray Yennefer for a second time? This time out of jealousy?

As a historian, that knows the history of the elves, I can't imagine that he doesn't realize that allowing Elves with bad intentions to get their hands on Ciri would be a very bad idea. He would be cast away by the humans for doing so and still despised by the elves for simply being human.

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