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Was It A Bad Move By Fringilla To Kill All Those High Ranking Nilfgaardian Commanders?


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I admit that scene was pretty cool. It was cheesy but at the same time pretty cool. I would have prefered that it was some magic not some poison but either way the question is, was it a bad move on Fringilla's part?

I say yes, logically speaking those officials/officers/men of note, were important people, likely nobles that came from powerful nd well established families. Once they hear of some type of treachery like that, their families are gonna make some noise. This would cause a political crisis for Emperor Emyr. That is how you lose control of your wealth and support within your kingdom.

Another point to recognize is that those men presumably have some lower officers and loyal soldiers that were fiercely loyal to them. They are not gonna take to kindly to you murdering their commander. Is Fringilla gonna kill them too? That's a pretty big domino effect. That would make Emperor Emyr lose control of his army if he doesn't punish Fringilla.

It will be interesting to see if The Witcher season 3 addresses the fallout from this decision or rolls along like nothing happened. That's the kind of plotting that made Game of Thrones so great and that so many other shows failed to follow through on.

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