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Is The Witcher Season 2 As Good As Season 1?


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This is an interesting question. The critics loved the Witcher season 2 and thought it was much better constructed and had more flow than season 1.

  • Witcher season 1 critic score: 68% (rotten tomatoes)
  • Witcher season 2 critic score: 95% (rotten tomatoes)

But the audience score which is made up of regular people tells a much different story.

  • Witcher season 1 audience score: 90% (rotten tomatoes)
  • Witcher season 2 audience score: 60% (rotten tomatoes)

My own opinions tend to fall in line with the audience score. I felt like season 2 was easier to follow, it had much better flow since it wasn't skipping back and forth through time BUT....it wasn't nearly as entertaining as season 1, because of the story arcs of Geralt and Yennefer.

As much as it pains me to admit it, for me, episode 1 of season 2 is probably the most entertaining episode from beginning to end.

I still enjoyed going on the complete journey with all the characters in season 2 but if I had to choose, Season 1 had the best dramatic moments, surprises and overall pure entertainment value.

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