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The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 | OFFICIAL TRAILER


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Finally....Shield Hero is returning!

I am really excited for season 2. When I first saw the thumbnail, particularly that fire, I was thinking that they were going to really up the ante in terms of visuals. Maybe go for a Ufotable like style with Demon Slayer. But after the trailer started running, it seems to be the same art style. Which isn't a bad thing!  I just got a little extra hype for a moment, because as I'm sure all anime fans out there can agree, that Ufotable did an awesome job with the animation in Demon Slayer season 2. I imagine that it won't be too long before studios start copying their animation style. 

As far as The Rising of The Shield Hero, they've told a pretty good story so far, and they've told it extremely well. I can't wait to see what's next! As long as the Shield Hero finally starts getting his props I'll be happy.

April 2022 can't come soon enough! They haven't announced an exact release day yet, but at least we have the month! 🤩

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