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Star Wars: The Old Republic Disorder Cinematic Trailer Discussion

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My Quick Thoughts

  • The video game animators have been doing such a good job with these star wars cinematic trailers that I wish they had the Star Wars license instead of Disney. 
  • I noticed that the girl jedi has a purple lightsaber(like Mace Windu) and is pretty aggressive, it makes me wonder if she is going to have an internal struggle balancing the light and dark side.
  • This trailer was definitely more interesting than the latest Star Wars movie trilogy for me. The story is hitting all the right notes.
  • Malgus looks pretty cool, I like how they really emphasized the the seductive part of the dark side.
  • If they made a show about the old republic using this angle, I think they really would have something here.
  • For the record, is it just me or is the padawan almost always more trouble then they're worth. It seems like the master always suffers to protect his padawan and its almost always because the padawan doesn't listen!😅 
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