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Marvel Studios' Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Official Trailer Discussion

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This Doctor Strange trailer looks insane!

Lots of fun to be had, tons of special effects 😅 I wonder how it feels as an actor to be standing up on a platform and to keep a straight face while you whirl your arms around pretending like you're doing something cool. Most of the other heroes abilities are more physical in nature but Benedict Cumberbatch and the other characters in the film have to do a ton of that almost every other scene.

I would love to know who Strange is meeting when he is captured. Is it the timekeepers? Or some other authority?

Having Chiwetel Ejiofor (Mordo) in your movie is a cheat code. He's a great actor, he has a way of speaking that really enriches his lines. For him to be the antagonist...well it depends on how you look at it. In his mind he's perhaps the hero, that kind of stuff always makes for a great story. I like to say that a dramatic movie can only truly be great when their is tension and animosity even amongst the good guys.

I'm excited to see this when it releases.


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