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Raised By Wolves Season 2 Episode 1 Discussion

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My first takeaway is that Campion and Paul seem to be set on a collision course. They're both keeping secrets from the adults and their caretakers but not from each other.

I'm glad to see Mother and Father back in good health. It's hilarious to me to see the resentment that Father has towards Mother and how he just keeps pushing it down deep lol. At some point its gonna boil over. But the actor, Abubakar Salim does an excellent job of showing us the resentment and anger that he still has while not outwardly expressing it. Its impressive that we can actually see it on his face but he still comes across very Android like. I think he's doing an incredible job.

Mother is her cheerful encouraging self as always around the kids. Im not really sure what to expect from her going forward. But I do expect for the serpent to resurface. Since it is her "child" but obviously extremely dangerous and likely hostile to her human children, she probably has some complex feelings about it. At some point I expect Mother to get her eyes back. I wish the writers would give Father some upgrades as well. He's a little to weak for my tastes.

Marcus is a smart dude, he saves a woman who may very well be the smartest human alive and luck for him she has a grievance with the collective so she'll probably be sticking around for a little while. I do still wonder if she isn't just playing along for now. There's obviously some unique circumstances in regard to her and the android she is protecting.

This is a good first ep to get us started on season 2. I'm sure that there is plenty of strange, convoluted plotting ahead! I look forward to it! 

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