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One Piece Chapter 1040 Discussion


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Law and Kid continue to show out. Big Mom started to get back up, tried to scare the kiddies but they weren't budging an inch. They put her right back down. Tag team FTW.

Now according to the manga, it looks like this will go down as a win for Law and Kid but its still pretty clear that neither of them is on the same level as Big Mom. Neither one deserves to be an emperor, so I wonder if the world government will make a secondary classification for them.

Luffy is obviously going to be next up against Kaido. And I'll be honest it's still hard for me to envision Luffy beating Kaido 1 on 1. Its frustrating to see Law and Kid use their awakened abilities but Luffy is still learning Haki on the fly and hasn't even reached his awakening, yet he's supposed to be the strongest one.

Luffy is going to have to awaken sometime during this fight. That's the only way he can win and still somehow manage to fight off the world government that is still trying to snatch Nico Robin and seems poised to takeout whoever is the loser in the fight.

Last but not least, you gotta love Momonosuke's mention of Zunesha's crime and Joy Boy at the end. It seems like we'll be getting a One Piece history lesson pretty soon.

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