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My Hero Academia Chapter 343 Discussion


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It looks like My Hero Academia is about to pick up the pace finally!

Is it just me or does it seem like All For One is pulling out a new quirk every time we see him now. His search quirk is fantastic and actually feels a little too powerful and permanent.

And then All For One has a lie detector quirk? Too much to deal with. How will Midoriya ever beat him. Dude just has so many options. Plus now there's two of him. Totally unfair to give him super strength and flight.

The manga really feels like its been moving fast. Not in the sense of pace or on screen action but going from story segment to segment. It feels like we've covered a lot of ground without much action happening or character developmet.

For example that training arc where Shinso joined the group with his voicebox, that lasted a while. It took a lot of chapters to get through that. But Ever since Midoriya's big battle with Shigiraki it feels like we've been moving at a much slower pace. Even though we've covered a lot of ground recently it feels like we don't have time for the character development. I don't know the manga just feels different.

Either way though Im glad we'll finally get to see the big battle. No doubt All for One will have a ton of surprises for us.

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