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Moon Knight Is Gonna Be Brutal!

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The Moon Knight trailer was our first indication that Moon Knight was gonna be different now we have this quote by Kevin Feige.

I know I've said this before but I'm so happy for Oscar Issac he is getting the opportunity to really star in something big. Not as a simple costar but be the main guy. His range is incredible. Most people are familiar with him through Star Wars as Poe Dameron but before that he plays a petulant but charismatic Prince John in Robinhood. To go from that to Duke Leto Atriedes is amazing. He's had a very long career. Really worked his way through the ranks. 

Letting him really get in there and do some real acting for such a wide audience is gonna really take him up to another level. I think people are gonna be shocked with how well Moon Knight is received. I suspect that most people will credit the tonal shift. But trust me Isaac is going to be the key.

After this its onward to Metal Gear Solid for him!


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