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Sony Working On A Marvel MMO?


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So the rumor is that Sony is currently developing a Marvel MMO.

First, if this is true, congratulations Sony. You are about to have an extremely successful exclusive on your hands.

As long as there are no performance issues I just can't see a Marvel MMO failing. That being said, this rumor does leave me with more questions.

Will it be next gen only or will it be for PS4 and PS5?
I think it would be extremely tempting for Sony to make it for both generations because they would want to take advantage of the huge install base of PS4. But I would recommend against doing that. By the time this game releases there will be millions of players that want a true next gen experience. Constraining the game to make sure it works on both generations would be disappointing to them and I think a little bit unfair. For me personally I would definitely want a next gen only gaming experience.

Will it be like World of Warcraft with heroes or something more?
There is a game called City of Heroes that came back in 2004. It was an MMO that allowed players to create their own heroes with their own superpowers. It had a successful launch and went on to have several expansion packs. I think the best route to go for Sony (if these rumors are true)  would be to expand on this formula.

Allow players to explore the MCU with their own created super heroes with their own origin stories and their own powers. Along the way players may run into Iron Man, Thor, Bruce Banner, Thanos etc. But let the players have their own adventures and give them the tools to continue to do so.

Now Sony could very well take the easy route and just cash in on the brand recognition. Allow players to choose from a plethora of different ready made heroes like Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Dr. Strange, Moon Knight etc or even form a team. Each one would have their signature moves and powers, players could go on quests with other players and beat bosses and save the universe. I'm sure this type of game would make plenty of money. But I also imagine, that it would eventually get pretty stale. It would be successful but people likely wouldn't be playing it 10 years from now.

Both options would be successful but I think only one would truly stand the test of time. Either way, I'm extremely happy to hear about this rumor! I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next!


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