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My Hero Academia Chapter 342 Discussion


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Uhhh ohhh. The heroes have all said their good byes. Let the battle begin!

The pacing with My Hero Academia has been so different lately. I thought Deku and Ochaco were gonna have a little more in-depth talk after everything that's happened but I guess we'll have to wait on that.

I'm still very interested to see what will happen with Shigiraki and New Order.

It's curious to me that the heroes still seem to think they can save the villains even after all that they've done.

I wonder why the heroes didn't create a separate fortress initially to act as a forward operating base. It concerns me that the name of the fortress is named troy. Many of us are familiar with the story about the greeks gifting the trojan horse to Troy to launch a sneak attack inside the walls and bring down the city. It makes me wonder if One For All is planning a similar scheme.


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