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Should Call of Duty Stay Multiplatform or Become Exclusive To Xbox?

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For those that are not aware Microsoft recently announced its purchase of Activision Blizzard, Call of Duty is one of the franchises that Activision owns.

The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, recently expressed a desire to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation

But admittedly he wasn't very specific. Is Phil saying that Call of Duty Warzone and the mainline Call of duty franchise will stay multiplatform? Will one of them be removed from PlayStion's ecosystem? 

Or is this tweet actually indicating a desire to have xbox gamepass on PlayStation? There are so many different ways we could take this.

At the end of the day though its hard for me to imagine Xbox totally removing Call of Duty from PlayStation completely(at least this generation). When Microsoft bought Bethesda that was different, I expected them to make Elder Scrolls and Starfield exclusives. They are unique must play games.

But Call of Duty? Somehow it just feels more proper to have it multiplatform. 70 billion dollars is a lot of money to spend. And they would be instantly decreasing their revenue potential by taking it off Playstation immediately.

Perhaps what is more likely to happen is that Call of Duty Warzone stays multiplatform and then the mainline Call of Duty franchise becomes Xbox exclusive. 

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