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Where Does The Matrix Resurrections Rank in The Matrix Franchise?

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This is an easy one to me.

I feel like in terms of pure entertainment value Matrix Reloaded beats them all. It's my clear #1.

In terms of story and narrative the first Matrix movie is hands down the best.

So I'd go:

  1. Matrix 2
  2. Matrix 1
  3. Matrix 3
  4. Matrix 4

Matrix Resurrections is just a mess of a movie. It definitely still has moments where it shines but I felt like it spent too much time trying to give everyone an opportunity to shine. I think that was a mistake, The Matrix is not the Avengers.

Beware Spoilers Below

In the first matrix movie, the hierarchy was pretty clear. Neo is the main character but he is lost, he's trying to find his way so Morpheus becomes his mentor, that leads him down the path of truth.

Because of this Morpheus gets a ton of screen time and is leading the way in almost all of his scenes, no matter who is on screen with him. Later on he becomes a plot device to push Neo forward.

Trinity is obviously 2nd only to Neo in importance, we quickly recognize that these two share a bond. Then of course agent Smith plays the perfect bad guy. One of these 4 characters are in just about every single scene in the first movie.

But in the Matrix 4. We have the captain of the ship, that gets significant screen time, but she's not a mentor, she's not ever really put in harms way, she's more of a rebel.

The new morpheus is a downgraded character, as he is now just a sentient AI. That serves as a means to an end for Neo. He helps Neo get back some of what he was and goes on mission. But he's far from the mentor and true believer that the original morpheus was.

Niobe has taken over as the leader of the human capital city and gets a decent amount of time for a sspporting character. 

And lastly Trinity and Neo are for all intents and purposes the same character. I can no longer distinguish one from the other. By making her capable of doing everything that Neo is capable of, it removes the individuality of both characters.

The whole narrative was kind of weak in this one. In matrix 1 it was about discovering what is the matrix, what is real, what is worth fighting for. In matrix 2 and 3 its about the war against the machines and figuring out if the humans can win their freedom.

But Matrix 4 seems to mostly be about how did Neo and trinity survive and can they reconnect. Its just not a very good plotline. The original matrix was more about the ONE and the choices that the ONE has to make along the way to save humanity. But the Matrix 4 tries to convince us that the ONE does not exist

I'd still love to see where they take the story next but I'm a big fan of the original trilogy. I have a strong feeling that fans that never saw the original movies will be numb to many of the meaningful moments in this movie and totally lost when it comes to the plot.

So I have to rank the Matrix 4 as the worst one in the franchise so far. I think fans of the original movies will find a ton of stuff that they enjoy but newcomers would be better served to avoid The Matrix Resurrections until they've watched the original.

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