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Mavericks vs Knicks


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After a good run the Mavs winning streak finally comes to an end. 

I'm very interested to see how we play over the next 6 games. Our defense has really hit all strides lately. We've had some great wins this year against top notch competition. We've held the top two teams in the league under 100 points  on this latest winning streak.

The question now becomes was this an aberration? Or is this new defensive improvement here to stay? I still feel like we need another reliable playmaker on the team that pushes the tempo and can get consistent points in other ways besides 3 point shots and long twos. Someone that can score using their athleticism and physical abilities.

Looking at the Grizzlies play golden state yesterday it was clear that we as a team are just missing a certain physicality and raw athletic energy that a lot of these other teams play with.

I feel like that's why its essential that the Mavs find a way to hang on to Marquese Chris he brings that element to the team.

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