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Extraction Netflix Movie Starring Chris Hemsworth Getting a Video Game Treatment?

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I actually like this idea a lot.

I think there is a lot of potential for this type of gameplay. Perhaps don't focus on the single player aspect of it as much...because there is a lot of potential for multiplayer. You could add tons unique scenarios over time through DLC.

This Extraction movies gives me multiplayer vibes of Army of Two and even Cat and Mouse in age of empires. I could easily imagine scenarios where teams of 2-4 people try to perform an extraction of a high value target and the computer or other players would control a large number of low level enemies and would try to seek out and stop extraction team from succeeding that would be pretty awesome.

The gameplay would allow for a lot of different scenarios such as, may sometimes the target is hostile to the extractors or perhaps there is a third party that is trying to steal them away from the extractors while there is another team trying to take the target out and players have to deal with a ton of different obstacles moving through the level.

A lot of good potential here.


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