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Halo Infinite Should Move in A New Direction With Their Narrative Focus

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So I just saw the news today. The Halo Infinite narrative designer Aaron Linde is leaving to join Riot games. I think a fresh start will be good for the franchise. Hopefully, after they finish this current arc, Halo moves on to something new narratively speaking. Lets not worry about Cortana, Halos, or finishing the fight. Lets introduce a number of new characters with their own dreams, motivations, goals and obstacles.

I'm personally still surprised that no one has tried to make a Final Fantasy style first person shooter. And by that, I mean a party based heavy narrative driven game.

And before someone argues that it wouldn't work in a game with a battlefield/ shooter focus, I would say look at mech anime. Something like Gundam would work very well in the Halo universe.

Main characters switching allegiance in the middle of war, the bad guys become good guys, both sides leadership creating weapons of mass destruction trying to eradicate each other, the good guys on both sides team up to try to stop the leaders that are taking their civilizations down the wrong path, child soldiers, pacifists etc.

Even an average writing team can have a lot of fun with that. Their is a ton of flexibility. Hopefully someone at 343 trys to take us in a new direction. If you give all that drama, a space opera backdrop, you have the makings of a pretty memorable experience.

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