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The Unforgivable (2021) Movie Discussion


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So I finally checked out Sandra Bullock's The Unforgivable on Netflix. It was a solid outing in terms of a movie. But its some hard viewing. Just watching her trying to get started to put her life back together was tough. It was nice seeing John Berthanal(The Punisher) though admittedly he doesn't get much screen time at all, which was a little disappointing as he has really become one of my favorite actors whenever I seem him in a movie I perk up a little bit. He always plays an interesting character.

Between Sandra Bullock's two netflix originals, The Unforgivable and Bird Box. Bird Box easily takes the crown as its by far the most gripping. For me The Unforgivable is of the one and done variety. I guess the twist at the end is decent if you don't see it coming but overall for me at least, all the characters just talk so tough and are so mean to her that its hard to like most of them.

My favorite Sandra Bullock movie of all time would probably have to be The Lake House. I feel like her and Keanu Reeves had great chemistry,

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